Hello Again, Fellow Travelers… We are back from the dead. Almost quite literally.

You’ll have to forgive Aly and I’s silence over the past few weeks. We have been under some pretty heavy influences… No, no, not those kinds of influences… Although, they could be considered quite comparable. Likely, very comparable. But nay, these influences are the substances of philosophical nature.

If you read up on our last month’s Monthly Hi-Likes, Aly and I since have both read the book Awareness by Anthony De Mello. Talk about a philosophical mindfuck of glorious wonder… And boy-oh-boy if it didn’t take its toll on us emotionally. So much so, that, once I read it, I immediately found audio versions of the book on Youtube and have since listened to the full 8-hour (or so) audio recordings twice. Aly actually finished the book… in less than a week.

Wait. Allow me to say that again. Aly finished a non-fiction book in less than a week. I don’t think you picked up on what a big deal that is… By her standards, finishing a non-fiction book within a week is simply magic in and of itself. I was quite impressed. And it only further served to confirm how potent this man’s words have been on us.

I’m quite addicted. (And the irony is not lost on me that the book uses many metaphors of getting off all our “addictions” we currently have.)

So, we took some time off. Not intentionally. It’s just that this book so fucked our current world views (in the awesome, but painful way), we chose to go silent while we processed it. We needed time to digest it. Eat it. Inhale it. We set up brunch at my mother’s downtown loft, book in hand, referencing and reading from it like an old-school bible study and discoursing on all its implications and meanings for our own lives. Aly and I have been busy these past few weeks casting these new theories up against our own life experiences and proving them, over and over, to be true.

So what can one possibly write about when all you knew seems to have lost its validity? When all your previous worldviews seem to have no clout? When you have such a radical mind shift change, you have simply lost all words?

It took us a few weeks, but we are back. Ready to tackle life again but with these new lenses. Freer – and a little less concerned with how it’s received. No offense – we hope you like us still… but it’s completely okay if you don’t, too.

So what of all these changes? Well, you can read the book or find the somewhat strange youtube recordings online – or you can read on, as I am sure this Awareness message we have discovered will soon color all forward posts.


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