The Truth and the Chaos is a creative project birthed from two lifelong friends… Okay, so maybe not lifelong, but we have a 15 year track record, and in today’s society, that pretty much fucking constitutes as lifelong.

This site is to empower us.

This site is to empower others.

This site is a gateway to honesty and connection of the deepest kind.

This site is a place to record our most laughable and embarassing moments.

This site is to engage with you, either through our humble opinions on your expressed situation in our Dear Fellow Traveler page, or just to offer you a place of comfort and encouragement along your journey (or an excuse to judge yourself less harshly).

About Ash


General deets:
35 year old female.
Survivor of 1 self-induced divorce.
Texas born and based.
Not-quite-feminist Feminist.
A-Type Moron with brief bouts of sheer laziness.
Prefers babies at a distance and deemed most likely to emotionally combust from sheer excitement around dogs.

Occupation: Obsessive researcher and advisor to personal growth

Paycheck Source: Client Relationship Manager

Relationship Status: Deep and long lasting commitment to coffee.  [“You have to say a person”  “Oh, must be a person?  Ok, ok…”] Fine… then, Peter.

Drink: Gin and soda water (with a lime), and any dry red wine put in front of my face.

Sign: Leo

Personality Type: INFJ

Superpower: learning your deepest fear, struggle, dream, or secret within 2 hours of meeting

Religion: Presently planning to be present.  

Life Goal: To leave a legacy of love.

About Aly


General deets:
37 year old female.
ivorced (aren’t we all?)
Texas born and raised.
What’s the opposite of A-type? Because I’m that … mixed with random bouts of productivity.
Prefers babies (and honestly most people) at a distance.

Occupation: Creator of all kinds of random things and karaoke singer

Paycheck Source: Design Manager

Relationship Status: Deep and long lasting commitment to alcohol … because it DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A PERSON, CAROL.
UPDATE: now living with a boy. But still very committed to vodka.

Drink: Vodka and soda water (NO GD LIME) and the occasional white wine

Sign: Gemini

Personality Type: INFP

Superpower: finding new ways to rebel against … well, everything. And if you’re around me long enough, I’ll probably turn you into a rebel too.

Religion: Is karaoke a religion? 

Life Goal: To live a wild, full, very well-lived life

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