We’d be the first to admit we need help. A lot of it. This is where we get ours. Each month, we share the best of what we’ve read, listened to and learned from. Sometimes it’s creatively inspirational, sometimes it’s just fun, sometimes it’s (at least for us) life-changing. These are the lessons that have really stood out to us and we hope might also be useful to you.

About our weird, little rating system

Kale Smoothie
– this is the “bad good” in the best way: It may hurt going down or make you wanna barf a little, but in the end it’s so damn good for you.

Sweet Tea
– While this is technically “hydrating” and has the small added benefit of a few antioxidants, let’s be honest:  It isn’t really that nutritious.

Vodka/Gin Soda
– Well, this was fun as fuck. Didn’t benefit at all, and definitely don’t remember it the next day.



Aly’s Monthly Hi-likes


Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

I love Steven Pressfield. Last month I recommend his book The War of Art and this month I am recommending Do the Work. Here’s why I like him. I’ll be honest, I’m a slow slow reader. Especially when it involves non-fiction. Tiny books will take me weeks. Steven’s books are relatively short and packed with incredibly relevant information for the creative. They are motivational and they offer practical advice on how to push through any creative roadblocks. The War of Art dealt with the concepts of the Resistance and creativity, and Do the Work gives you a play-by-play for how to fight Resistance and finish whatever project you’ve got your heart set on. You will face obstacles. If you’re doing anything worth a damn, you will enter the belly of the beast at some point along the way. He’s giving you/us a roadmap. There are a lot of books about this, I’m sure, but his seem to be the most concise and easy to digest. That way I don’t spend months reading a 300 page book about ‘doing the work’. Just read this short one and then go and DO THE WORK.




James Altucher Episode #441: IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO BECOME THE HERO OF YOUR JOURNEY (LISTEN TO YOUR GUT) with Steven Pressfield

It’s just a Steven Pressfield kind of month. I confess I only found out about this podcast because of Ash (she seriously is my resource for the best shit that’s out there). But it was incredible. I love James’ very go-with-the-flow style of podcasting. And Steven … man I could listen to him talk for hours. They kind of ramble for a bit, but then close in on the idea of what it is to be the hero of your own story. What that looks like and what that journey is. And also discuss how some people never quite become the hero of their own story and why. But the biggest thing that stood out to me is hearing Steven admit he had no clue if he had anything worth writing or anything important to say when he first listened to the call to become a writer. It felt like a weight was lifted from my chest. This has been the biggest question my beast (the Resistance) has asked me. What do you think you have to say? And my answer is … I don’t know yet. It was relieving to hear someone I admire and respect and believe in confess that he had no fucking clue either. For me, this is a kale smoothie because it speaks to my soul about what I want to keep pursuing. It might not resonate that deeply with you, but it’s definitely worth a listen regardless.


Ash’s Monthly Hi-likes


Awareness by Anthony De Mello 

Kale Smoothie, Kale Smoothie, Kale Smoothie. (Can I give it 3 Kale smoothies?)

I am still digesting this and trying to keep it down, but damn if it’s not totally changing my fucking perspective on EVERYTHING. Pretty sure this book recently saved my relationship, too. And by saving my relationship, I mean, I was able to step back, outside of myself, only to witness what a fucked up little turd I was being. Let’s just say, this book rocked my world, and I am still going back to it. It’s one of those books that comes along and just shakes up all your systems and beliefs. Such hard parts to read. But, if you’re in a time of your life where you can receive it? I am pretty sure it’s gold.





This month’s monthly Hi-Likes includes Instagram. Why, might you ask? Because after reading Awareness, some days I just needed to jump on to turn the fucking mind off. I know it was fun looking at all the things (i.e. my irrational amount of feeds featuring cute puppies), but sadly, I don’t have one fucking memory of one post that really stood out (unless it was Aly’s on our site if I am blatantly honest). And because I’m honest – it left a pretty bad awareness hangover since I think it just made me more exhausted with how many illusions we (i.e. “me”) tend to buy into.  Nonetheless, it get’s a one-time shout out on this month’s monthly Hi-likes – But, Total Vodka Soda.


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