General deets:
37 year old female.
ivorced (aren’t we all?)
Texas born and raised.
What’s the opposite of A-type? Because I’m that … mixed with random bouts of productivity.
Prefers babies (and honestly most people) at a distance.

Occupation: Creator of all kinds of random things and karaoke singer

Paycheck Source: Design Manager

Relationship Status: Deep and long lasting commitment to alcohol … because it DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A PERSON, CAROL.
UPDATE: now living with a boy. But still very committed to vodka.

Drink: Vodka and soda water (NO GD LIME) and the occasional white wine

Sign: Gemini

Personality Type: INFP

Superpower: finding new ways to rebel against … well, everything. And if you’re around me long enough, I’ll probably turn you into a rebel too.

Religion: Is karaoke a religion? 

Life Goal: To live a wild, full, very well-lived life

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