General deets:
35 year old female.
Survivor of 1 self-induced divorce.
Texas born and based.
Not-quite-feminist Feminist.
A-Type Moron with brief bouts of sheer laziness.
Prefers babies at a distance and deemed most likely to emotionally combust from sheer excitement around dogs.

Occupation: Obsessive researcher and advisor to personal growth

Paycheck Source: Client Relationship Manager

Relationship Status: Deep and long lasting commitment to coffee.  [“You have to say a person”  “Oh, must be a person?  Ok, ok…”] Fine… then, Peter.

Drink: Gin and soda water (with a lime), and any dry red wine put in front of my face.

Sign: Leo

Personality Type: INFJ

Superpower: learning your deepest fear, struggle, dream, or secret within 2 hours of meeting

Religion: Presently planning to be present.  

Life Goal: To leave a legacy of love.

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