Awareness by Anthony De Mello 

Kale Smoothie, Kale Smoothie, Kale Smoothie. (Can I give it 3 Kale smoothies?)

I am still digesting this and trying to keep it down, but damn if it’s not totally changing my fucking perspective on EVERYTHING. Pretty sure this book recently saved my relationship, too. And by saving my relationship, I mean, I was able to step back, outside of myself, only to witness what a fucked up little turd I was being. Let’s just say, this book rocked my world, and I am still going back to it. It’s one of those books that comes along and just shakes up all your systems and beliefs. Such hard parts to read. But, if you’re in a time of your life where you can receive it? I am pretty sure it’s gold.





This month’s monthly Hi-Likes includes Instagram. Why, might you ask? Because after reading Awareness, some days I just needed to jump on to turn the fucking mind off. I know it was fun looking at all the things (i.e. my irrational amount of feeds featuring cute puppies), but sadly, I don’t have one fucking memory of one post that really stood out (unless it was Aly’s on our site if I am blatantly honest). And because I’m honest – it left a pretty bad awareness hangover since I think it just made me more exhausted with how many illusions we (i.e. “me”) tend to buy into.  Nonetheless, it get’s a one-time shout out on this month’s monthly Hi-likes – But, Total Vodka Soda.


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