Hey there! So at the end of every month, Ash and I intend to share what we’re listening to, reading and learning from … what we like to call our ‘Monthly Hi-likes’. It’s basically the things that have really stood out to us this month and we think might also be useful to you.

We have a weird little rating system — kale smoothie, sweet tea & gin/vodka soda — and if you wanna know more about it, you can check it out on our Shit We Like page.

With out further ado, here are our Hi-Likes for January.

Aly’s Monthly Hi-Likes


Get Your Work Seen w/ Marketing Legend Seth Godin
This was pretty inspiring. I gotta say, Seth is motivating no matter how big or small your dream is. It got me hella excited to learn more about our audience and really give my creative projects a go. Full stop. No excuses. Give it a listen. I’m still digesting.




How To Make The Decision To Do The Impossible | Siri Lindley on overcoming failure, moving away from fear and learning to love herself  

This was a fantastic episode! Siri Lindley’s story made me realize that failure and loss can be the greatest motivators, if you let it. Her story is RIDICULOUS. And while I might not ever be the worlds best … anything … she definitely helped me to see that if you lose once, the game isn’t over. Highly recommend.




Ash’s Monthly Hi-Likes

Girl Wash your face

Girl, wash your face

While not a typical selection I’d make for seeking perspective, this book was gifted to me by someone close to me, so I gave it a shot. It did deal with some real and decently raw moments, but managed to avoid staying out of the dark and nitty gritty that I would have preferred. She’s funny and quirky, which was a lot of fun. I’d definitely recommend for a positive high-level inventory on your current life choices, but I wouldn’t expect the high to last too long.



Big Questions with Cal Fussman

Jordan Harbinger: On How to Make a Comeback

This episode was a deep dive with Jordan Harbinger which was eye opening and highly encouraging.  It dealt with the challenges Jordan faced in leaving the Art of Charm, a company he had built and established over the last 12 years and his leap to go “on his own.”  Jordan is wise, and deeply intelligent – and this episode also introduced me to Jordan Harbinger who is now absolutely, hands down, a part of my “on the reg.”


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