I wished I knew what I was doing. I don’t. Chances are, you don’t either.

And isn’t that wonderful?

Seeing that we are nearing the Christmas season, I feel that the appropriate correlation should be made. It’s a wonderful life – isn’t it?

It's a wonderful life

It actually really, truly is.  But it is entirely dependent on the lens you hold in which to look at this life.

I’ll tell you…today was one of the best damned days of my life.  It’s Saturday today – sure, that could be a large reason why – but it’s not any ordinary Saturday.  Today, this Saturday, I actually rode my sportbike, for the first time, on the streets.  Yezzir… In the midst of traffic and other oncoming cars… I finally did this. 

You may not find this as quite the milestone that I find it. If you’re an avid rider, you’re probably scoffing in your boots rights now, “Muhufff… you did that?  Girl, I have been riding for 12 years now and can corner like a beast.” (for those non-motorcycling enthusiasts, “cornering” is a very difficult turning skill at speeds higher – usually much higher – than 15mph, whereby almost 45% of all motorcycle riders crash and potentially die – when the crash is not involved with another vehicle.).  And to that, I say, “Well done sir!” (because it’s a large chance that it’s not a lady rider saying that to another lady rider. If you are – fuck you.)


But today is a good day.  Like, probably falls in one of Ash’s “Best days in The Ashness’s World Book of Records.” Because, as of almost 4 weeks ago, I purchased my very own first motorcycle. 

I wish I could tell you that I purchased this motorcycle shortly after receiving my motorcycle license; however, that is not the case.  I took the BRC (Basic Riding Course) almost 3 years ago with the great hope and anticipation that I would “soon” (a totally relative word now) become a motorcyclist.  Things/Life happened. Other goals surfaced, and I put a lifelong dream of becoming a bonafide motorchick back into the almost forgotten “to be achieved later” dream box.  

I am still at my existing job for those who have been reading with more than a years’ length of following my writing, and as mentioned in my previous post, I am averagely pleased to report that all of my other debt “goals” have been accomplished. But this past October, when I really started looking at my life, my world, and the “vision board” that sits right next to my desk every day when I get to work from home, I realized, ITS TIME… that little cutesy drawing I have of a motorcycle on that damn board…it’s fucking time.

And we did it.  After 3 years of procrastination, excuses for why I shouldn’t, I bought the damn bike.  And I couldn’t have been happier with that decision. So much so, that with all honesty, I am asking myself – why the FUCK didn’t I just buy the damn bike earlier??? (And FYI – I bought it on a loan – buahhahahahahaha!)

After 3 years of off and on deliberation, I ended up with a Suzuki SV650 with ABS brakes.  I named her Lil’ Blue. Here is the beauty sitting in our garage before I dropped it 2 times while practicing:


Isn’t she loooovely… isn’t she beeeauuuutiful???

Yeah, that was before I scuffed the shit out of her and busted her blinkers while practicing slow speed turns! But that is neither here nor there (she now has crash guards and new front blinkers). But why did I seriously wait so long?

I’ll tell you, I hadn’t been able to go out on the streets until today.  My guy kept telling me, “you’re ready” but, with this bike, I am taking a completely different approach.  I don’t want to follow what pressures anyone else thinks that determines I am ready. I want to go at my own pace, safely, especially since this is quite a powerful “beginner” bike.  And I have. Four actual weeks (or weekends) of practice later, I am starting to get decently good at slow speed turns, understanding my throttle control and lean ratios.  I am watching videos to make me better and taking them to the large parking lot that I had been asking my guy to drive me and my bike out to every weekend to practice. And it’s paying off.  

Today, my guy took my car back to the house from the parking lot that I was practicing and he grabbed his Harley cruiser, and we finally took the plunge. He offered to lead me on the bike while I followed him onto the actual roads.  

As evidenced by this writing, I did not die.  And it was magnificent! It was amazing! I felt, for the most part, comfortable, and at ease, while I sped along right behind him on the overly intimidating roads with other cars, stoplights, and obstructions. No harm was done (other than to my ego on the post review of my shoddy higher speed turns), and I made it home safely…

While it’s not quite about the completion of this milestone that most excites me, it is more about the journey. A few hours of relentless motojitsu videos, practice, and shortfalls (and actual falls!) later, I pushed through to a new realm of riding.  I was finally on the road, wind against my chest, and capping speeds of 50 mph on a motorcycle for the first time… ever. It was remarkable. And now, I can only look forward to continued skill increase, increasing speeds, and most importantly, continued learning on this new machinery of which I cannot wait to learn.

It’s a lesson for life, right? Let the things that scare you move you forward. Do them. Even if it is years later – do them. Because you only have this one precious life. And what are you willing to invest it in? Do what makes you come alive. And right now? Lil’ Blue is making me come alive in ways I’d never imagined.



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